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September 2018
Labor Day: September 3
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Why America Doesn’t Celebrate Labor Day with the Rest of the World
The history of Labor Day in the United States goes back to strikes and riots in Chicago more than 100 years ago.
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Anniversary of the Founding of the American Federation of Labor
In the early part of the 20th century, unions serve the purpose of protecting laborers from exploitation. But as the century comes to a close, the strength of labor unions diminishes.
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Hispanic Heritage Month
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Meet the Park Ranger Bringing Latinos to National Parks
National Park ranger Miguel Marquez is proud to protect our great outdoors and to encourage families, especially Latinos, to visit our breathtaking lands.
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Wave of Women Making Mariachi Their Own
From the members of Mariachi Las Altenas to young women learning in high school classrooms, more and more women are playing mariachi. Mariachi is a traditional Mexican genre of music typically performed by men.
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Why Parents Should Prioritize Mental Health This School Year
First presentations of mental health issues often happen during times of transition. As your students balance new schedules, changing friendships, and added pressure, here's how you can help them manage this stressful - and important - time.
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