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Current Events

This month, dramatic news events raised important questions: Will Russian airstrikes in Syria prolong the civil war or lead to a political settlement? Will Benghazi continue to haunt Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, or did her most recent testimony put the issue to rest? And after all the polls and primaries are over, who will finally be the GOP nominee? We can't begin to predict that one, but maybe your students have some ideas!


It seems like the law is having a hard time keeping up with the spread of new technologies. In October, online fantasy sports came under scrutiny by federal regulators, and the FAA announced they'll set new limits on drones. If your students think that technology is moving way too fast, don't worry: vinyl records and cassette tapes are back in style!

Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness stories include an extensive NBC News investigation into the safety of artificial crumb rubber turf, used on thousands of playgrounds and sports fields. Plus, an inspirational story about how music got one Chicago family through tough times.

NBC Learn's Thanksgiving resources are a cross-curricular feast. In History, learn about the Indian peace treaty that led to the first Thanksgiving dinner. And in Science, see how chemistry helps give pumpkin pie its great taste.

Campus Perspectives

Campus Perspectives is celebrating its second anniversary!  In honor of this collection, we’ve compiled a playlist of audience favorites. See stories of how colleges and universities are contributing to their communities and looking towards the future.  Learn how Pace University’s Billion Oyster Project aims to release one billion live oysters into the New York harbor by 2030 and relies on the help of middle school students.  Watch how one San Diego State University researcher encourages wildlife to stay away from busy highways. And hear the inspiring story of Colorado State University’s Temple Grandin, who has transformed not only the livestock industry, but also the public perception of autism.

Campus Perspectives celebrates the mission-driven initiatives on college campuses across the country. 

Current Events Thought Starters

In this month’s Current Events Thought Starter, you’ll find five October news stories paired with thought-provoking discussion questions that you can share with your students. 

New This Month

We recently correlated all 18,000 of our resources to your Media and Technology standards. Just click on the Standards Tab on our homepage, choose your state standard, click “Media/Technology” as the subject, and choose your grade level. Enjoy!

For some children (and adults!), social skills and emotional intelligence come naturally. But that doesn't happen for everything. The Parent Toolkit's latest original video series has strategies for parents and caregivers to support the social and emotional development of the children in their lives. From identifying and managing emotions to building social skills and supporting decision-making skills, this series covers areas important to overall social emotional learning. 

View in English

Subscriber Spotlights

This month, we feature two educators who underscore the importance of linking real-world context to the academic concepts they are exploring with their students. Melanie Beaver (right) is a 7th grade English teacher from Indiana; Derek Wilson (left) is a Psychology professor from Texas. 

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