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From a new video series on Nanotechnology to commemorating Black History Month, this month’s newsletter is full of timely resources and thought-provoking questions that you can share with your students. And be sure to join our Twitter Chat on February 10th to learn more about how to incorporate health and wellness into your classroom!


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Current Events

How can some things be so small, and yet so significant? A new video series produced by NBC Learn in partnership with the National Science Foundation sheds light on this question. "Nanotechnology: Super Small Science" features eight world-class American researchers, including quantum physicist and National Medal of Science winner Paul Alivisatos. This six-part series shows viewers how atoms and molecules that are thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair can be used to create technology for the future, allowing scientists to capture more energy from the sun, increase the power of microchips and computers, build structures that are lighter and more resilient, and much more. Narrated by NBC News anchor Kate Snow, each video segment aligns to state and national education standards. 


The 2016 presidential race has been grabbing headlines for months. The action begins in Iowa today with the first of four February primary races. Keep your students informed with a video explaining how the caucus system works and ask them what they think about this democratic process. Be sure to also check out our full Decision 2016 collection, including political advertisements and debates about the most pressing issues facing America today.   


In May, we took you on a trip through our archives to look back at the complicated and tumultuous history between the U.S and Iran. Since then, a nuclear deal was signed and sanctions were lifted. With 10 NBC Learn stories covering this topic in the month of January alone, engage your students in thinking about the geopolitical and economic implications of the nuclear deal. How will this impact the global economy? How about the U.S economy? And will this have an effect on the civil wars raging in the Middle East?   

Decision 2016

February is Black History Month and NBC Learn has hundreds of video resources that highlight notable moments for African Americans throughout history. Our original collection, Finishing the Dream: Learning From the Civil Rights Era, brings that crucial period in American history to life with more than one hundred archival clips and town hall conversations with civil rights leaders and students from around the country. 

Health & Wellness

This past month, the U.S government released new dietary guidelines. From personalized pyramids to plates, explore how the guidelines have changed over the years and how this new one stacks up! 

Decision 2016

In this month’s Current Events Thought Starter, you’ll find five February news stories paired with discussion questions that you can share with your students. 

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February is heart month, and of course Valentine's Day. We see hearts galore and talk of love. But how do you teach students about healthy, loving relationships? Join Education Nation and Parent Toolkit experts for February's #ToolkitTalk Twitter chat where they'll share their tips for teaching kids about respect, love, and dating and answer your questions too. 

Subscriber Spotlights

This month we feature two passionate educators: Rosemary Beirne, an 11th grade English teacher from The Ursuline School in New York and Marlon Nation, an adjunct professor of U.S History from San Jacinto College District in Texas. See how Beirne (left) uses a blend of current events and archival footage to make her courses more dynamic. And how Nation (right) engages his students by bringing history to life!  

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